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Winovazyme Lipase was produced through the use of modern genetic engineering, submerged fermentation and advanced post-processing technology. The lipase acts as a catalyst to the esterification and transesterification in biodiesel production, making it more efficient than traditional chemical methods. The lipase has the advantage of more moderate reaction conditions, more choices of oil substrates, less by-products, easier product recovery and being more environmentally friendly.

Activity Definition

One unit of lipase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol of titritable fatty acids from olive oil substrate at 40℃ and pH7.5 in 1min.


1. High esterification and transesterification activity brings high reaction rates.

2. Excellent thermostability, with high enzyme activity between 30℃ and 70℃.

3. A broad pH activity range. High enzyme activity under pH 2.5 to 11.5, strive under many different reaction environments.

4. High stability to methanol and phospholipids, making it effective over several batches.

5. Broad substrate specificity, capable of handling a variety of oils and fats, and guarantee a higher biodiesel yield.

6. Compared with the immobilized lipase, the liquid lipase has a lower unit price and lower risk.

7. Using the best genetically engineered strain, the advanced technique of liquid submerged fermentation and unique post-processing results in a consistent quality and excellent capabilities.



Light yellow or brown liquid    

Enzyme Activity


Recommend Dosage

Adding 1% of oil, add methanol in batches, recycled by centrifugal separation, etc. The specific dosage and route optimization based on actual production.

Shelf Life & Storage

25℃, 12 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%. For liquid, 6 months.

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid toxic and hazardous materials. Seal up bag after each use.


Powder: 25kg/bag or 20kg/Barrel;  

Liquid: 30kg/Plastic barrel or 225kg/Plastic barrel.

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