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Activity Definition

One Pectinase activity unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes pectin to liberate 1 mg of galacturonic acid in 1 h at 50℃ and pH3.5.


1. Degrade the pectin, rapidly clarify extraction solution

2. Hydrolyse the cell wall of vegetable and fruit, increase the yield

3. Reduce the viscosity of juice, increase the filtration rate

4. Prevent the post turbidity, improve the stability, extend the shelf life of juice

5. The treatment of fruit with pectinase helps in the release of phenolic content from the fruit skin-- antioxidant



Light yellow powder

Enzyme Activity

100,000 U/g 


3.0~5.0 (optimum 3.5)


40~70℃(optimum 65°C)


20-100ppm raw material, the dosage should be determined by the content of pectin in the fruit and vegetable extraction solution. 50-200ppm raw material for high pectin content. The best dosage should be determined through experiment.

Shelf Life & Storage

25℃, 12 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%.  

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid toxic and hazardous materials. Seal up bag after each use.


25 kg/bag, or as request.

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