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Activity Definition

One Lipase activity unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes substrate to liberate 1μmol titratable fatty acid in 1min at 40℃ and pH7.5.


1. Increase the volume, whiteness and softness of bread

2. Improve elastic dough gluten network, crumb structure and visual appeal

3. Enhance dough stability and shelf life

4. Replace chemical whitening agent and emulsifier.



Light yellow or offwhite powder

Enzyme Activity

100,000 U/g


The recommended dosage is 0.2-2g/100 kg flour (2~20ppm), can be added directly in flour or made at 1:10 pre mixing, and then further mixing, the optimum dosage shall be determined by experiment.

Shelf Life & Storage

25℃, 12 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%.  

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid toxic and hazardous materials. Seal up bag after each use.


25 kg/bag, or as request.


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