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Aminopeptidase (AP, EC, a kind of exopeptidase.


Small peptides in food industry are produced by hydrolysis of proteins, but these peptides taste bitter because of the occurrence of two much hydrophobic amino acids. Aminopeptidase can split such amino acids from peptides to decrease the bitterness of peptide products.


1. Debitter for hydrolyzed proteins

2. Aminopeptidase can be combined with protease and peptidase, cut amino acids at the N-terminal position of proteins and peptides, improve protein and polypeptide solubility, augment the flavor of hydrolyzed peptides.

3. Apply to nutrition food, health food, protein drinks and other soybean peptide products

Main applications

Cheese/ casein/ soy protein/ fish protein concentrate/ meats/ cured meat products / fish/ soy sauce/ sauce/ other seasonings/ cereals/ oilseeds/ corn gluten / cocoa/ dairy products/ beverages/ beer/ koji/ soy milk

Enzymology property




Light yellow powder

Enzyme Activity

2,000 U/g  5,000 U/g

Shelf Life & Storage

25℃, 12 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%.

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid toxic and hazardous materials. Seal up bag after each use.


25 kg/bag, or as request.


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