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Beta-Glucosidase belongs to the class of cellulase, can catalyze the hydrolysis of glycosidic bond between aryl or alkyl and glycosyl atoms to release glucose, prepared by submerged fermentation and advanced extraction technology, can be applied in the fields of medical, food and biomass conversion.


1.    It can transfer glucose radical, works on beta (1, 4) glycosidic bond and beta (1, 1), beta (1, 2), beta (1, 3) and beta (1, 6) bonds.

2.    In fruits, vegetables, in addition to free volatile flavor materials, there exist a lot non-volatile flavor precursor in the form of beta -glucoside, beta-glucosidase can synergy work with rhamnosidase, arabinosidase and other flavor enzymes, promote the release of volatile aglycone, increase aroma and flavor.

3.    It is widely used in tea, fruit juice and fruit wine to increase aroma.



30~90℃ (optimum 65~75℃)


4.0~6.0  (optimum 5.0)



Light yellow powder

Enzyme Activity

2,000 U/g  


Recommend 2-6g/kg dry matter, user can adjust dosage according to experiment.

Dissolve and activate the enzyme using small amount of 40℃ water for 5-10min before use.

Shelf Life & Storage

20℃, 12 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%.

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid toxic and hazardous materials. Seal up bag after each use.


20 kg/drum, or as request.


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