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High temperature α-Amylase

High temperature α-Amylase

High Temperature Alpha-Amylase is with excellent acid and heat resistance, can hydrolyze starch into dextrin of different length and other low molecular sugar, glucose, and maltose, decrease the viscosity of starch paste. It is widely used in the industries of starch sugar (glucose, maltose, dextrin, fructose, oligosaccharide), alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, brewing, organic acid, textile, print, dyeing, papermaking and other Fermentation industries, etc.

Activity Definition

One unit (U) of High Temperature alpha-Amylase equals to 1mL liquid enzyme, which liquefies 1g soluble starch in 1 hour, at 70℃ and pH6.0.



Brown liquid


Normal microbian fermentation

Enzyme Activity

10,000 ~ 40,000 U/mL






1, Temperature range: Best operational temperature 80~97℃, stay active in 100℃, for injection liquefaction, instant temperature can be 105-112℃.

2, PH range: Effective PH range 4.3-8.0, Optimum PH range 5.2-6.5.

3, Calcium ion affects the enzyme activity stability: It is not sensitive to Ca2+, about 50-70ppm

of Ca2+ is good enough.


1, Beer: About 0.15L/t of materials.

2, Alcohol: About 0.15L/t of material

3, Starch sugar and monosodium glutamate: About 0.3L~0.6L/t of material. If interval liquefaction, quickly heat up to 100±5℃, keep active at 95~100℃ for more than 30 minutes;if injection liquefaction, injection temperature can be105℃, keep active at 95℃ for 60-120 minutes.

4, Fruit juice: Improve the light transmittance and prevent turbidity, 0.02~0.05 L/t raw materials, 60-120 min, used with pectinase, cellulase, etc.

5, Steamed bread, bread etc flour products: Improve internal structure, volume and fermentation performance, extend the shelf life, for small experiments, 0.025~0.05 L/t raw materials.

Shelf Life & Storage

≤25℃, 6 months

1, In the storage and transportation, it should be kept in low temperature and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, rain, high temperature, can not mix with toxic and hazardous material.

2, Any direct contiguity with human body is avoided, if any, please flush with plentiful water.

3, Please use as soon as possible after opening the original package, keep the package hermetic if the product is not completely used.


25 kg/drum or bag, or as request.


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