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This product is a kind of high efficiency enzyme obtained from plant by a series of scientific methods. Enzyme system of this product is pure, activity higher, good tolerance to high temperature and no peculiar smell. It is widely used in manufacture of beer, vinegar, high maltose syrup, crystalline maltitol ect.

Working Mechanism

β-Amylase is a kind of exo-amylase. It begins at the non-reducing end of the liquefaction starch and hydrolyze them in turn against the maltose unit and react Walden inversion. So the product become to β maltose from alpha type. This enzyme can’t hydrolyze α-1, 6-glucosidic link of starch. Before 1, 6 link 2~3 glucoase residue stop as starch decomposition. Basically no glucose produce for maltose.

Activity Definition

One unit (U) of β-Amylase equals to the amount of enzyme, which produce maltose amount from 1.10% starch solutions in 1 hour, at 60℃ and pH 5.5.


The optimum saccharification conditions lie on saccharification time, pH, temperature, substrate concentration and enzyme dosage, so the application plant should decide the optimum technological conditions according to their conditions. The recommended usage methods are as follows:

1. In the manufacture of maltose syrup and beer brewing, 0.1--0.3L/t dry basis, the optimum saccharification 12-30 hours for maltose syrup the optimum saccharification 0.5-1hours for beer brewing.

2. In the manufacture of high maltose syrup (>70%), saccharification stage need to together with pullulanase, the recommended methods: β-Amylase 0.5-1.0L/t dry basis, pullulanase0.5-1.0L/t dry basis (base on 1000 u/ml), saccharifying for 24 hours.

3. In the manufacture of super high maltose syrup (>90%), saccharification stage need to together with pullulanase, the recommended methods: β-amylase 1.5-2.0L/t dry basis, pullulanase 1.5-2.8L/t dry basis (base on 1000 u/ml), saccharifying for 24 hours and adding Maltotriose, saccharifying for 24 hours again.



Dark brown liquid

Enzyme Activity

700,000 U/mL

Working pH

3.0-6.5, Optimum at 5.0-5.6

Working temperature

Below 65℃, Optimum at 55-60℃

Shelf Life & Packaging & Storage

25℃, 6 months, enzyme activity remain≥90%.

Plastic drum is used in liquid type, this product is organic biochemical substance, high temperature, strong acid & strong alkaline will cause inactivation of enzyme. So avoid exposure to sunlight when being transported. It should be kept in clean, cool and dry place.

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